Staircase Transformations.

A staircase isn’t just a practical means of getting from one floor to another; it is also a design and architectural feature of your home and often one of the first things you see when you come through the front door; it needs to look amazing while remaining functional and structurally sound.
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At Hillside, we create truly bespoke, brand new or remodelled staircases that are designed to fit perfectly into your home and suit your style, as well as your budget.
Whether the style of your house is traditional and classic or modern and minimalist, we will work with you to realise your vision and create the perfect staircase for you. We design, build and install staircases in all types of properties.
In the event of your staircase becoming beyond repair because it’s no longer structurally sound, we can design, build and install a completely new staircase. All our staircases are designed with precision and quality in mind and hand-crafted in our workshop near Bristol.
We also specialise in smart space storage, so if you are in need of more storage space, we can incorporate under-stair cupboards, shelves, hidden cabinets and sliding drawers or shoe racks.
We’re passionate about the way that wood can be used to create unique, bespoke staircases. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality means Hillside staircases are built to last and are guaranteed to comply with UK regulations.
We can start from scratch and replace a whole staircase or transform your current staircase by replacing specific parts or over-cladding existing staircase structures. We can restore or replace panelling, treads, risers, balustrades, handrails and bannisters.

If you have a unique, specific idea for your staircase or a concept only in its infancy, we will work with you to bring it to life.

To discuss your project, call us on 03301 332295.
To discuss your project, call us on 03301 332295.