Bar Fittings.

Whether you have a contemporary urban bar or a traditional country pub, a buzzing club or a chilled-out café, we can replace or rework your bar so that it functions perfectly for you, your staff and your clients.
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Our attention to detail means every millimetre of space is accounted for, resulting in efficient use of space and a professional, clean finish. The flexibility we provide in offering a range of materials gives you the freedom to choose the colour, pattern and finish that you require.
The Hillside team are fully trained to manufacture and install a range of solid surface materials. We also specialise in working with a range of woods, including oak, ash and MDF, as well as pre-manufactured timber and purpose veneering. We offer M-stone, a granite alternative. Made from quartz, resin and stone particles, M-stone is low maintenance, durable, elegant and competitively priced.
The bar and surrounding area is the focal point and the centrepiece; it needs to be both functional and beautiful, but it must also make a statement.
With our expertise in smart space storage and our understanding of spatial design, we can build you a bar that allows customers to sit or stand comfortably, enjoy the ambience of your bar and purchase drinks and other products with ease.
What’s equally important is that bar staff can freely manoeuvre around the bar. We consider every element of space, no matter how small, and fit the bar and surrounding area to allow for smooth, secure and efficient service.

If you have a unique, specific idea for your bar or a concept only in its infancy, we will work with you to bring it to life.

To discuss your project, call us on 03301 332295.
To discuss your project, call us on 03301 332295.